Estepona is located between Malaga and Gibraltar on the Costa del Sol

The Estepona area has its own micro-climate, as the mountains protect from cold air from the north. In fact, it was originally planned that Eurodisney would lie here because of the weather - but it ended up being known to Paris. Estepona Town has over 60,000 permanent residents, making it one of the major cities along the Costa del Sol.
The town offers many shops and shopping opportunities, as well as 250 restaurants.
Estepona is not as well known as a "tourist town". Most tourists are Spaniards themselves. Estepona belongs to the quiet or quiet part of the Costa del Sol, where there are not so many neon signs or loud music closer to Malaga. There are no concrete high-rise buildings from the 70's "pig party tourism". The city has always kept its charm and fishing village atmosphere.

The city is so big that it never "shuts down"

All year round, all the shops are open, which can be eaten out for both lunch and evening if you wish. There are many different open spaces around the city, where you get good coffee, snacks, ice cream and food.
You can walk along the promenade into the town where the neighborhood and plenty of restaurants can be found. In the evening in the high season, the various "beach bars" grilled fresh fish over the open fire on the beach.
The promenade has lots of flowers, fountains and other decor. Often there are "festival" or exhibitions along the promenade.