La Duquesa and Area

You will find La Duquesa between Marbella and Gibraltar. The town has a small harbour with a selection of cafés, bars, shops and restaurants.

La Duquesa is a charming and authentic oasis away from the noise, which is normally associated Costa del Sol. The beautiful sandy beach has a Blue Flag and is located away from the streets, therefore it is quiet and safe for families with children. There are some lovely beachside chiringuitos so you can enjoy the beach with a cool drink.

All year around the area has a moderate climate with more then 300 hours of sunshine a year.



The average temperature:
Jan 16 °, Feb 17 °, Mar 20 °, Apr 22 °, May 26 °, Jun 29 °, Jul 32 °, Aug. 32 °, Sep 30 °, Oct 25 °, Nov. 21 °, Dec 17 °

La Duquesa Port
There are broad selection of great restaurants, shops and bars. In the harbour is also possible to rent a boat, or to go fishing out at sea.

Estepona Port
It is a 10-minute drive away. The port offers a selection of restaurants, shops and playgrounds for children. The marina is also a place with lots of life after dark, with plenty of bars and nightclubs. Every Sunday they have a market where all kinds of souvenirs can be purchased.

Puerto Banus Marina
Can be reached in 25 minutes. This is where the yachts are the same size as ferries and where many expensive cars are on show. This is also where the most exclusive and luxurious shops and boutiques are, so if shopping is on the agenda, you can without a doubt spend a lot of money.


14 km into the country lies the beautiful white mountain village of Casares with an ancient castle and sea views. Here it feels as if time stands still, and is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy a lovely tapas on the roof of the restaurant at the local square, or visit one of the many great restaurants on the way up to Casares.

Still belongs to England and is definitely worth a visit. Hop on a shuttle bus, or the cable car up and enjoy the view overlooking Spain and Africa, and see the cheeky monkeys. You can also see the rock inside, the beautiful caves and paths that were carved into the rock by the British soldiers. It is good for shopping with  gold, silver and diamond jewellery and watches being VAT free found on Main Street.
Remember your passport and park your car if necessary on the Spanish side of the border and walk in.

Selwo Safari park
Is a great wildlife park with tropical landscapes and animals over a large area. With some of the animals you even have the opportunity to get very close. That’s great experience for children and animal-loving people.

When a Spanish town is having a festival – then that means party – and it is normally a week at a time. Tivoli comes to town, children and adults dress up in the famous Spanish dresses and costumes and have parties with lots of good food and loud music. Often there are bullfights in the arena at the same time. Keep an eye out for festivals when you are visiting Spain – it is often worth seeing.

Often comes to the town at the same time as the festival. Otherwise Ronda has bullfighting in their historical arena. In Ronda you can also see a museum of bullfighting.

A drive of 150 km along the coast will bring you to Cadiz, one of Spain’s oldest cities. Stay the night in Cadiz and enjoy the city with its narrow streets and small unique shops. The area is flat and swampy and reminds you of parts of Miami.

Santa Maria
Located by Cadiz and is also worth a visit. Here you will get the real Spanish feeling and horse carts are still visible in the town. Hotel Santa Maria (3-star) is definitely recommended if the city should be experienced for several days. Price levels in the city are also worth mentioning.

An old Andalusian mountain village, and is definitely worth the drive. The trip there and back, has the most beautiful view you can imagine. The city is divided between the two mountain tops, linked together by a stunning construction of a bridge. In addition, you will find one of the oldest bullfighting arenas with a museum and a long street with lots of shops.

This is also an old Andalusian mountain village where you can get a round trip by carriage. You can also choose to see the city on the back of a donkey. Donkeys act as taxis.

The most amazing sand beach with turquoise waters and powder sand. From here you can also get to Morocco by ferry, which is just 14 kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar. You can also take a boat out to see wild dolphins enjoying the stunning mountain scenery on the way there.
Tarifa is the most southern mainland in Europa.
It takes about 45 min. to drive there.